Monday, October 3, 2011

I crossed the river and there was Fargo!

The rushing Red River of Fargo, North Dakota
This is Melissa

Here is the rushing waters of the red river in Fargo. Isn't it magnificent? This past Saturday a friend of mine drove all the way to Fargo to visit me (and another person). Fargo was very nostalgic for her. After letting her reminisce while driving through the NDSU campus, we decided to visit the red river in order to take a picture of the famous statue of liberty by the bridge. I took some lovely pictures of the rushing waters, and almost had my entire foot devoured in a muddy hole - it looked like a rock. I had to wash off my foot in the river which was unpleasant because all I could think of was how unsanitary the river must be.

It was a fun filled day with eating and shopping and walking and driving and checking out some parts of MSUM's campus. I told Melissa that the library is scary. It really is. She didn't believe me so I had to show her. Apparently I'm not convincing and I didn't convince her. Maybe next time I'll have to make her go in by herself to the fourth floor when it is dark and find a book. Then she will see.

I think that libraries are scary. I don't like all those stacks of books and long corridors between the stacks of books, and hearing people moving around but you can't see them for the STACKS OF BOOKS!
This is the Statue of Liberty

Later we had dinner at Juano's with Melissa's friend Jen. It was extra delicious for being Mexican food. I have nothing against Mexican food. It's just that everything on the menu is exactly the same thing just with a different name: tortilla, meat, cheese, sauce, beans, rice.
this is Melissa with a flower in her hair

Afterwards, we went to a roller derby bout. I thought it would be a good bout since I had seen the Northern Pains last year and they had won, but it was the opposite. The Sioux Falls Roller Dolls wiped the floor with them. The Northern Pains played absolutely horrible and was lucky to have gotten their score above 20. The Sioux Falls Roller Dolls had more than 140 points. I would have enjoyed it better if there had at least been a bloody nose or a good injury.

I think I would really have a blast playing roller derby, but I don't think I'd ever be comfortable enough to wear that short of shorts. My roller derby name would probably be Kaides Fire.

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