Monday, October 10, 2011

Lucky to Have Each Other

Lucky to Have Each Other - Jennifer Cronin
Talk about a clogged drain! I have an artist of the day link on my google home page. This morning I got caught up looking at several different painters, but the painting I liked the best was this one by Jennifer Cronin. It’s called Lucky to have Each Other. Like most difficult things in life, we are lucky when we have someone to come along side us and help us pull the gunk out of the drain. I’d rather if that someone would just do it for me, because it makes me gag, but then again I don’t have that type of someone. So I must rely on friends. Of course, they wouldn’t actually pull the hair out the shower drain, but to stand with me as we go through life’s trials and to laugh at me when I’m so determined to do something that I say, “I’ll make it work!” I always make it work. Although, sometimes I think I’m alone, but I’m never alone because I have Jesus who does more than just stands by me. He leads me, guides me, and protects me. 


  1. Way to keep things in perspective. Looks like some crazy artwork, I've never really seen gunk like that come from a drain.