Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Sometimes you just have to let a dog be a dog."
Andy forgot that part of "being a dog" is running away. Part of being a person is also running away. Not as in Mogli being raised by wolves type running; rather, running away from our problems. I'll get back to this "running" idea on the next post.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

No official Title

I’ve started working at my father’s office, Bernard L. Brink Financials, as a…well there is no official title. I’m pretty important, preparing envelopes to be sent out, making post office runs, and lunch runs, making coffee, entering data and completing bank recs, taking an online class so I can be useful when tax season comes in full swing (next month). Maybe the last couple things are the most important but I think making coffee is my favorite part of this job. There are 7 different flavors of coffee to choose from! Of course I usually ask what Linda or my father wants, but still….7 flavors, and two of them have chocolate in the title. 
Since I’m so important in the office, a little lower on the scale than the file cabinet but higher than the beta fish (aka Mr. Beta). I better get back to work.